TRIGGER WARNING – Description of violence

*Caroline had been seeing a psychologist for about two years for treatment of panic and PTSD she was suffering after a man she had been in a relationship with kicked in her back door at 4 in the morning and strangled her while her very young daughter watched on in terror. Having been involved in Taekwondo as a child and into her teen years, Caroline credits the skills her body remembered that morning for saving her life. As she struggled to regain her sense of safety and peace in the aftermath of the attack, Caroline was intrigued when she heard about Pink Belt Project. This is her story in her words.

I saw a psychologist for about two years once a month after the trauma and found it was only making the PTSD I was suffering from worse – Having to relive the trauma.

I wasn’t really confident and didn’t have my voice, so I kept going and hoped something would eventually change.

It wasn’t until I stepped back into the dojang and started training again that I realised this was the void I had been searching for.

When we stumbled across our Taekwondo club and the instructor asked if I wanted to have a go, I couldn’t get my shoes off fast enough.

It had always been on my mind to get back into training again and I wanted my daughter to do it too once she was old enough to focus and be enthusiastic.

It wasn’t long after being awarded a Pink Belt Scholarship, I started to get my voice back as my confidence started to grow again and even went back to my psychologist to relay just how effective the training is for people who have gone through such trauma.

My daughter watched a few sessions before she really wanted to try. My scholarship meant I could afford to pay for my daughter’s lessons and we could train together.

Fast forward a couple of years and I am now a Black Belt and learning how to instruct students and teach them the skills which saved my life. We haven’t looked back nor felt so alive since joining up.

Thank you so much for helping! The Pink Belt Project is a real life/game changer. I couldn’t stress it enough to let others know and encourage them to try too.

You’ll never regret it!!!

DV warriors have been brave long enough & most definitely should get in the dojang and start learning the right way to be brave and fight.

I am so proud to be a part of this great movement!

*Name changed to protect identity.