Taekwondo is giving me my life back.

Hi my name is *Linda. I am a pink belt recipient of the pink belt initiative.

I feel very grateful.

All my life I have struggled with PTSD due to very early on trauma and abuse. I was afraid of my own shadow and was living with a lot of panic and dissociation symptoms.

Especially after suffering from domestic violence in relationships.

I was stuck in a sad cycle of fear panic and abuse. I had lost nearly all of my strength and courage and was a shell of a person.

It was very sad. 

A year or two ago I met my instructor Carly after building up some courage to do something to help my issues.

I was so glad I did.

I felt instant rapport with her and felt like I had made a good decision.

Unfortunately though I could not afford the lessons I needed to pay for Carly. I had only recently left an abusive relationship that took nearly everything from me.

Carly saw me for nearly no payment as she really wanted to help. I really wanted the help but was struggling financially.

Soon we heard of the Pink Belt initiative and I applied.

I got it and was so happy.

Since working more closely with Carly and more often I am much more confident and feeling more safe in my body.

I am gaining more courage and the will to fight back and not quit.

I’m learning skills to protect myself and not feel like a victim.

I am learning techniques for my breath as I’m also asthmatic.

I am learning to manage my response of being in flight mode and internally running.

Instead I am more grounded and more centred and feeling like I can own my own space and position.

Learning all these new techniques are life changing for me.

I am growing so much.

Especially in confidence.

I am so grateful for everyone involved in this pink belt initiative.

*Name changed to protect identity.

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I’m so grateful to everyone involved in this Pink Belt initiative. It has given me my life back …