True Budo (The Martial Way) is to become one
with the universe, not train to become powerful
or to throw down some opponent. Rather we
train in hopes of being some use, however
small our role may be, in the task of bringing
peace to mankind around the world.

MORIHEI UESHIBA, Founder of Aikido


Pink Belt Project is currently supported by martial arts clubs from every Australian State and Territory as well some international locations. They represent a variety of styles and disciplines.

Pink Belt Project’s Supporter Clubs offer to sponsor a Pink Belt Scholarship at their club. That means covering all expenses associated with a year of training for a woman in need.

Scholarships provided by Supporter Clubs cover:

  • Uniform
  • Membership Fees
  • Belts
  • Grading Fees
  • 2 x Classes per week.

In return, Supporter Clubs are provided with a marketing toolkit to promote the opportunity available at their club in their local area and attract Scholarship Applications. Many Supporter Clubs have been featured in and recognised by their local media (newspaper, radio, television) for their contribution to their communities by distributing the Media Release contained in their marketing toolkit.

Supporter Clubs receive a set of Pink Belt Project patches for their Instructor Team along with an Instructor Handbook.

Display of the Pink Belt Project Patch tells potential new students you’re more than just a martial arts gym. It’s a sign you provide a training environment where all women are safe, equal and valued.

Importantly, Supporter Clubs are equipped with resources (including instructor workshops and research on trauma-informed approaches to teaching martial arts) to not only help ensure the best possible training outcomes for their scholarship recipients but empower instructors to be agents for change in the fight against gender based violence. 

Scholarship Recipients receive a Certificate and an embroidered Pink Belt as a memento of their journey.

Martial Arts club owners and instructors interested in becoming a Supporter Club by offering to provide a Pink Belt Scholarship at their club are invited to submit a Supporter Club application which can be downloaded HERE. This process ensures the best possible training outcomes for Scholarship Recipients.

Once an application is approved, Supporter Clubs are required to sign a Pink Belt Project Standards Agreement to ensure your club culture matches well with the spirit and values of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Scholarship Recipients are presented with a Pink Belt as a memento of their journey only. They will attend training in the same way as any other new White Belt who starts training at your club.

It is our experience that clubs offering Pink Belt Scholarships are rarely overwhelmed by applications. Very often, some applicants also drop off prior to selections occurring. In the event you have more than one applicant, Project Founder Kristy will support you through the assessment process, using a selection criteria developed to reflect the overall aims and objectives of the project.

It is vital to the success of Pink Belt Project and in some cases the safety of
scholarship recipients, that the confidentiality of their scholarship
applications is respected, protected and maintained.
Please do not disclose to any members of your club – apart from your
instructor team – your scholarship recipient’s identity.
Their training must begin in the same way as any other White Belt. Some
scholarship recipients are comfortable and open with other members of their
club knowing aspects of their story and background. Others are not. Therefore,
the default position is always confidential.


Trauma often affects the way people can seek help and support. This is because many survivors feel unsafe, find it hard to trust and continue to live in fear. This can make it hard to come forward and seek help. Trauma-informed services can support people to feel safe, build trust, and overcome their fear and sense of betrayal. If you are wanting help and support for yourself or someone you are supporting the following characteristics of trauma-informed services may help support your journey.

Trauma-informed services:

  • attune to the possibility of trauma in the lives of everyone seeking support
  • apply the core principles of safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment (Fallot and Harris, 2001)
  • accommodate the vulnerabilities of trauma survivors including people from diverse backgrounds
  • minimise the risks of re-traumatisation and promote healing
  • emphasise physical and emotional safety for everyone
  • recognise coping strategies as attempts to cope
  • collaborate with clients, and affirm their strengths and resources
  • recognise the importance of respect, dignity and hope
  • focus on the whole context in which a service is provided and not just on what is provided. 

What other Instructors are saying about Pink Belt Project?

MARK KOLODZIEJ – Club Owner and WT 5th Dan Taekwondo Master Instructor

I’ve been involved in martial arts for many, many years. I first read a post highlighting the Pink Belt Project a few years ago.

My first thoughts were “WOW” what a great initiative! and, how brave is this lady!!! I contacted Kristy and we had a great discussion about the Pink Belt Project and its mantra.

Getting involved was as simple as sharing PBP posts onto our own page and promoting it through our membership. Supporting our first Pink Belt recipient has been so rewarding at every level imaginable.

From tears, to encouragement, to confidence, to determination, to resolve, courage, self-belief, and to trust!!

Nothing prepares you for this…. It’s been a soul changing journey for me.

Thank you Kristy for your courage to develop this fantastic initiative

KATE MCADAM – Coach and 2018 Commonwealth Taekwondo Champion 
Irontiger Martial Arts, Sydney

Irontiger is proud and privileged to be part of the Pink Belt Scholarship Program.

Kristy has kicked off an inspiring initiative that helps women who have experienced and found their way out very traumatic circumstances to find their inner power and become a part of an empowering community through practicing Martial Arts.

It is an honour for Irontiger to be a part of this wonderful cause and help empower women and encourage them to be the best version of themselves through offering a Pink Belt Scholarship.

Irontiger would highly recommend other clubs and companies to jump on board and help support these women to make a difference in their lives. It is truly an inspirational act of kindness to be a part of the Pink Belt Project.

PAUL BAILEY – Head Instructor, 4th Degree
AITA-Australian Independent Taekwon-do Academy Victoria

I have been involved in Martial Arts since the early 80s and I’ve been an instructor for over 35 years.

I am a great believer that everyone should learn Martial Arts regardless of age, gender equality, race, religion or ability. Not just for the self defense and physical side of things, but also for the philosophical and moral aspects.

I’m so happy that I came across Pink Belt Project and very proud to have become part of the PBP family in late 2019. Knowing that I am a part of a community of traditional Martial Artists, willing to assist women to regain their personal strength and empowerment by gifting them with scholarships, providing a year of free training in my class at AITA.

I was honoured to be granted a scholarship from PBP for a candidate in 2020 and in return personally funded an additional candidate on behalf of AITA for Pink Belt Project.

I have had first hand in seeing the positive representations Pink Belt Project has had on these two ladies. Their view on life and their self confidence has grown and when their scholarship ends, I am confident that the ladies will continue to gain positive personal experiences in their Martial Arts journey thanks to Pink Belt Project.