Grace Sanders, Jaz and Instructor John.

This is a story of two kindred spirits.

Drawn together by what on the surface seems like some kind of serendipity, but has now become so characteristic of the magic that often occurs inside Pink Belt Project it is almost hardly surprising.

Grace  is the remarkable young teenage Black Belt who wanted to raise money for Pink Belt Project because Taekwondo has helped her so much navigating life with a serious neurological condition resulting in severe epilepsy.

She and Pink Belt Project Founder Kristy Hitchens hatched the idea of a special edition Pink Belt Scholarship for young women aged 13 to 17 and affected by a neurological condition – they called it Pink Belt by Grace.

Jaz is the recipient of Grace’s 2021 scholarship. Same age, their stories eerily similar. Jaz just starting out on her Taekwondo journey but also battling debilitating epilepsy.

It was a special occasion indeed in December, 2020 when the girls had the opportunity to meet and train together at Jaz’s club JUNEE Taekwondo – South East Australian TKD thanks to Instructor John Leak.

Boards were broken, stories were shared, mums connected, firm friendships were forged and spirits soared.

If ever there was an example of martial arts being about so much more than learning to defend yourself, this is it.

Grace is now fundraising to provide a second scholarship in 2022.