Blog Articles

As a professional writer, Pink Belt Project Founder Kristy Hitchens produces regular blog articles on martial arts for women and lessons learned during her own journey to Black Belt as a middle-aged martial artist. We hope they increase your knowledge while inspiring your own journey of learning through the martial arts.

Opinion Piece

What three years of connecting victim-survivors to martial arts has taught me about violence prevention.

5 Surprising Benefits

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Something which also forced you out of your comfort zone.

A secret super power

How many people feel inspired, set a goal and then stop well before the finish line? Is there a secret to motivation success?

Forget what you’ve heard about self defence

What you think you will learn by undertaking self defence is quite different to the reality…

6 quick food tips for more energy

Former Australian Taekwondo representative and now qualified sports dietitian Erica Stephens shares some wisdom…

Coming soon

Another blog article will be appearing here soon.